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It is no secret that the founders of the Crestone Freedom Project are huge fans of Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is not only a friend of our project, a member of our board of directors, and credited as co-creator of the Radical Freedom Program, but Bruce is a friend to all involved in efforts toward manifesting the evolution of consciousness and the promotion of positive change spanning the globe! His groundbreaking research and resulting discoveries in the field of epigenetics have paved the way for innovative methodologies emerging in the treatment of substance abuse, behavior disorders, mental illness and a wide array of diseases. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton is a person worth listening to, following, and studying. With that being said, he fits very well within the definition of a friend of this program. We have dedicated this portion of our webspace to honor Dr. Lipton by presenting a brief snapshot of the ultimate results of the work he has given the world over the last 55+ years. We would also like to take this moment to express our gratitude directly to Dr. Lipton for having lent personal support to our own founder and executive director, Dwayne Vanderford, during a very difficult and critical time of personal development and transition It goes without saying that without Dr. Lipton, this work would not exist, so we say it anyway ... thank you!