Examples of Greatness

I've spent an unusual amount of time recently thinking about the beautiful beings who have appeared in my life experience as wayshowers and examples of greatness. Some

of these fascinating influences have come and gone but all have left something authentic of themselves behind – their unparalleled gifts of love. As I woke this morning, I did so with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the lives they lived and their availability to me personally, at the various stages of learning.

None of us are alone, without guidance. The universal intelligence that some of us call "God" has ordered it so. Even celestial bodies are never put in place with no "direction." Every moon is held upon its path in planetary orbit, planets by stars, and stars by galactic correlation with other stars. All of nature is set in motion and held in position by a force of guiding lights. I'm grateful for this order and loving-kindness!

On March the 1st of 2021, the covid virus became my precious mother's transitional ticket to the next phase of life. In the beginning, I was overcome by what, to the ego, initially feels like loss. However, as the weeks have passed and reflection upon the "guiding lights," I've been so privileged to know, has penetrated my thoughts, a new feeling tone of connection with unconditional love has emerged. It is precisely this tonality that I refer to as "unparalleled gifts!"

It is in this moment of conscious awareness that I take a bow to those amazing lights and say thank you for your love, your walk, your faith and your willingness to allow an

example of greatness to emerge as your life! I am indebted to, and grateful for, these souls, and more: Carolyn Vanderford, Dr. Lissa Sprinkles, Rev. Russell Hamm, Rev. Carlton Pearson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Krishna, Gautama Siddhartha, and Yeshua.

Each of your lives has been an inspiration. There are so many more, and for all of them, my message is of thanksgiving. It is my deepest desire, my strongest ambition, and daily prayer, that I may walk the path so clearly made by your own steps, that my presence here might honor yours, and that I too might offer light in the darkness to someone searching for their way through the valley of shadows.

Peace & Freedom,

Dwayne Vanderford

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