Dr. Lipton and Dwayne Meet in Taos

Updated: Apr 21

With the Business Plan and Program Overview published, the details and startup ideas are critical. Lipton and Vanderford came together in Taos, NM in March to discuss bringing their vision into form.

Covid 19 has been a life-changing event for people around the world. The Crestone Freedom Project has not been immune to its forward-motion-freezing effects. in January of 2020, the program was poised to sign on real estate in south-central Colorado that would have given it the "brick and mortar" standing needed for the promised "pilot program" funding from Governor's office. That was not going to happen as funding around the world dried up, and corporations in both hemispheres became paralyzed by uncertainty. Speaking engagements began to cancel, infection rates soared, and Dwayne's mother passed away from the virus, leaving him crushed for a time.

But today is a new day. It is spring of 2021, and we have each experienced the devastation in our own way. What we share in common is that we have all taken learning away from the experience. We are each more grateful for what we have, and what we have is beyond measure! Now, the path forward is right in front of us. Dwayne will be taking the Vision Journaling™ process on the road to facilities across the country, research projects hosted by Colorado universities are now in the planning phase, and funding efforts begin again. We call on each of you to hold us in a place of positive vibration, as we do the same for you. The Radical Freedom Program™ is of higher consciousness and has no choice but to come into form. Our only job is to stay out of the way until our moment to act presents itself, and then ... we shine!

Until then, peace and freedom to you all. Enjoy the light, the love, the life, and the food!

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