What We Think About, We Bring About

The Art & Science of Manifestation

Helen Keller once stated, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." Benjamin Franklin likewise said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." The final portion of the Radical Freedom Program is categorized as “Revisioning Lives.” It is during this stage that participants stop walking around blindly, bumping into every possible obstacle, and tripping over the detritus of hopeless desire or bitter indifference that is the logical conclusion of extended periods of unconsciousness. It is here that life ceases to happen by accident!


Wherever one happens to find him or her self, or with whomever they come to discover themselves aligned, regardless of how dreadful or delightful, they have arrived there because of the thoughts they have entertained. What we think about, we bring about. There is no way to avoid the truth of it, but there is a way of becoming its master. The answer is conscious awareness or awareness of consciousness.


The problem with unguarded minds is that they tend to follow anyone or anything. As long as there is no gatekeeper, no one to answer to, consciousness will pursue the random suggestions of one's environment. Unfortunately, because this describes the default position for just about everyone, life often chooses many people before they have the opportunity to choose it. In this final chapter of the Radical Freedom Program, participants confront the conscious mind in a methodically direct and deliberate way. The Program quite literally takes control of the flow of incoming information, rewrites the old script, against which the ego has propped itself for years, and calls upon the laws of nature to manifest a new reality – one the student may have never dared to dream.


The Project equips each client with tools that provide them with the necessary skills for making better life-choices. Stage three begins with an introduction to Dewayne Vanderford's unique and powerfully effective Vision Journaling™ technique, developed and tested by him and his students over the last six-plus years. During Vision Journaling, each individual will explore new altitudes of higher consciousness and begin to uncover their true will and purpose. As the process of daily visioning and journaling commences, details are added to each participant's developing vision, during one-on-one counseling and peer-group sessions.


The technique combines writing, visualization, affirmation, mindfulness, and high-conversation into a single fluid action that is hyper-focused on one thing, the creation of a new life, chosen deliberately, under the influence of the rarely-accessed superconscious mind. Vision Journaling helps students conceive of real solutions, map a route to it, and play a mentally recorded video of themselves attaining it. The process plays itself out on a daily loop. It is as simple as that, and it works!


Finally, at the conclusion of stage three, seven and a half months into the program, Project participants will find themselves faced with their greatest challenge yet – the Forty-Day Wilderness Experience, conclusion project, known as a Yaumny Quest™. After having been equipped with an arsenal of resources and working to perfect them under direct supervision, candidates for graduation will pack a rucksack and, along with their wilderness program facilitator, head deep into the Sangre de Cristo or San Juan mountains for forty days. There, among the fourteen-thousand-foot peaks, participants encounter the content of what they have learned and what it means to practice under one’s own initiative. The combined effect of a connection with nature and self-reliance is a powerful one.

A sudden shift of environment brings into sharp focus the occurrence of dramatic changes that have gradually taken shape in each student. Their individual growth becomes evident, and in the silence, a clear vision for a new life begins to solidify and become the new reality. A knowing of their true nature has risen. It has emerged to reveal itself. It is here in the isolation of pristine wilderness environments that a final “YES” may be breathed into the heart of those who now seek lasting freedom. The wilderness provides a space where the final decision to permanently and progressively evolve may spontaneously occur.


"That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves." 


 ~ Garth Stein ~